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Not So Wild WestCoast Weekend 17-18 November

The weather forecast was not totally convincing but 10 bikes and 12 members headed off to Strahan. The general expectation was that we were going to get wet at some stage. The degree of wetness and timing, to be determined.

Hamilton Café was closed again, so it was on to Tarraleah for a late morning tea/lunch. Temperatures were around 10 degrees and the outlook still dubious.

The roads were very dry, the traffic light. We sailed into Queenstown in very pleasant conditions. Afternoon tea at the train station was good as usual. It was then off to Strahan.

Despite some loose gravel causing Peter Mac a few heart palpitations our day was incident free.

Our accommodation at Strahan was booked at the Strahan Holiday Park.

As usual our host, Louise was cheery and welcoming. Accommodation was 2 cottages and a cabin. Served with a Ulysses discount.

4.30 was happy hour at the larger cottage. Wine, cheese, beer the order of the day.

Plenty of cheery faces after the happy hour!!!